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Hello, my name is Lennart and I'm a Mobile Viking!
You should become one too!


My nicest experience with mobile internet:

On transit from Seoul, Korea in Madrid airport, I had not yet received my boarding pass for the flight to Brussels, and I could not find a transfer desk anywhere. Then I remembered my Nokia E72, Mobile Vikings, and mobile internet roaming, and I used the mobile check-in and 2D barcode boarding pass option of Brussels Airlines to check in for my flight, select my seat and add my frequent flyer number, while I was in line at the gate! Great experience, and saved me no end of hassle!

Why should someone choose Mobile Vikings?

Mobile Vikings is the best possible cost-benefit package for mobile internet users. Best of all: topped-up credit does not evaporate at the end of the month, so you get to save up for a big splash when necessary! Unbeatable!

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